Blockchain network

Blockchain network for academic credentials

  • Enable universities and educational institutions to store and issue degrees, certificates and diplomas on the network.
  • Enable employers and other third parties to verify credentials of prospective employees prior to hiring.
  • Graduates from an institution will now have a 24/7 lifetime digital copy of their academic credentials.

How it works

Learn how it works for Employer,
For Students/Employee and School/Universities

  • For Employer
    For Employer
  • For Student/Employee
    For Student/Employee
  • For Schools/Universities
    For Schools/Universities
For Employer
  • An employer downloads and signs up to the TrustED Mobile App or uses the TrustED Web App.
  • The employer will now have the ability to search for the credentials of the respective employee and send a request through to the individual to view and verify their academic credentials.
For Student/Employee
  • Students/Employees download and sign up to the TrustED Mobile App or uses the TrustED Web App.
  • Students/Employees have full 24/7 digital access to all their certificates/academic credentials.
  • Students/Employees can accept/deny any requests from other parties who wish to view their academic credentials.
For Schools/Universities
  • Schools/Universities sign up for the TrustED platform.
  • Schools/Universities have the ability to upload the academic credentials/certificates of their students.
  • Schools/Universities have the ability to verify the academic credentials/certificates of prospective students who migrate to their institutions.

Why use TrustED?

  • institution

    If an institution shuts down or ceases operations due to wars or other calamities, the academic records of students are still accessible and verifiable.

  • system downtime

    Potential system downtime, or server issues with the current system will no longer be an issue.

  • 24x7x365 accessibility

    24x7x365 accessibility to view and verify academic credentials.

  • fake certificates/diplomas.

    Impossible to now fake certificates/diplomas.

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use mobile application for verifiers to verify academic credentials.

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