Academic Credential
on Blockchain

How it works

  • Universities

    Digitally uploads and certifies academic certificates and credentials of students

  • Students

    Access and share academic certificates and credentials digitally, whilst determining who they are shared with

  • Employers

    Employers can view, download and verify documents easily

Why TrustED?

TrustED is an academic credential verification service, that brings honesty, legitimacy, and convenience to the human resources industry. The TrustED infrastructure enables universities, and online educational and training Institutions to store, as well as authenticate grades, credentials, or certificates, leveraging the distributed ledger technology of blockchain. In addition, permissioned parties will have the ability to confidently verify academic credentials of an individual through the TrustED platform, bringing an end to existing lengthy, expensive and manual processes.

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  • Powered By Blockchain

    TrustED leverages cutting edge blockchain technology to mitigate many of the problems faced in the process of academic credential verification and storage. Today, you have innovative platforms such as Bitcoin Aussie System that lets the investors automate their daily trade. This cutting edge technology places the trade on behalf of the young buisness investors and help them earn high profits. Learn more about the automated system to enjoy maximum returns.

  • Secure Storage

    TrustED cryptographically secures and stores academic credentials issued by universities on their network. Students now have a secure network to preserve, access and share their academic qualifications at their own discretion, as well as the immutable assurance that their private data will be immune from removal, alteration and/or unauthorized access.

  • Guaranteed Authenticity

    The TrustED platform helps overcome the currently dysfunctional system by enabling academic institutions to store credentials and certifications on a distributed global ledger, rather than centralized databases. These institutions act as the verifying authorities, ensuring that each academic credential is authenticated directly from the source.

  • Verification Simplified

    Employers can validate credentials of prospective employees without requiring third parties, or a lengthy process. TrustED offers governments a reliable source of document verification for immigrant workers, and furthermore, it brings to light any fraudulent claims much more efficiently than currently possible.

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In the news

TrustED Launches Educational Blockchain-Based Project

Blockchain-based projects are perfect and a cost-saving idea for teachers and students. It will be helpful for the students to be familiar with blockchain and other blockchain-related technologies such as bitcoin before entering the project. Investing in emerging technology like Bitcoin will allow you to make significant profits without much effort. Bitcoin trading is highly profitable for professional investors and beginners. To start with Bitcoin trading, immediate bitcoin would be helpful for beginners. This automated trading software is popular among traders due to its high security and user-friendliness.

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TrustED presents the platform’s alfa release

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No Wall announces TrustED as new client

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TrustED leverages cutting edge blockchain technology